Pari is a modest, but charming little place in Hungary, situated in the middle of a beautiful hilly landscape. Pari lies in the south of Hungary, on approximately 5 km of the city Tamasi and approximately 35 km of the Plattensee. The surface of project Pari amounts to approximately 67 hectares, for later expansions there is another 23 hectares available.

A few years ago, within the scenic fine project-parcel, two thermal water sources have been tapped. Analysis from the authorities have shown that this thermal water has a temperature of 54 degrees, especially suitable for patients with rheumatic and urologic complaints, as well as many women-ailments. The source water owns very high levels of salt, alkalichloride- and hydrogencarbonate. Other drilled sources produce mineral-water; this water has high mineral-values, but no CO2, it restores disturbance of the stomach and intestine system.

Project Pari consists of a accommodation with 100 holiday houses, a 9 hole and 18 hole golf coarse with clubhouse, a thermal- and wellness hotel, restaurants with conference-facilities, as well as supplementary accommodations for the benefit of mental and physical recovery.