Pari is a modest, but charming little place in Hungary, situated in the middle of a beautiful hilly landscape. Pari lies in the south of Hungary, on approximately 5 km of the city Tamási and approximately 35 km of lake Balaton.

The municipality, surrounded with hills, is a jewel of the Tolnauer hill landscape. Because of its beautiful nature, this village is perfect for tourism. In 2007 the village had about 700 inhabitants: Hungarian, German and Roman people live harmoniously with one another. The German-speaking inhabitants maintain their traditions from the songs, dances, regional attire and their dialect brought along from the distance. The Youth and Nationality associations offer more and more winefestpleasant maintenances for guests and Villagers at the weekends or the holidays.

In Pari, as tradition, a wine competition is organized annually where, after the tasting of quality wines, a popular song evening takes place. With the ‘Pfingstfestival’ the Hungarian-German culture presents itself. In August all families look forward to the ‘P&oumlrkölt-competition’. The most popular under the traditional meetings is called ‘Minimum’. The festival takes place for several days and attracts many guests from inside and outside the country.